Nils Enders-Brenner


Nils Enders-Brenner, born in Germany, has studied Design/Arts (BA) at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano in Italy. The whole world gives him new inspiration and work. Hence many different countries proved to him that every country has its own customs. Since then he has become fairly open-minded. Everything becomes for him visual. He listens with his eyes. That is why the visual communication is for him essential. He interacts with individuals by reading their lips and emotions. Now he is studying Industrial Design (Master) at the TUM in Munich, Germany.

Academic work

  • rotado!


    – game, language, rotate, do, play, translate, roulette

  • Deaf and Alive

    SS2014 - Diploma

    – diploma, exhibition, deaf, alive, photography, video, sketches



    – game, memory, story-telling, wood, found objects, photos, dreidel



    – 3D-printer, flower pot, nerds, rendering, product, reusing

  • Water Boiling Apparatus


    – water-boiler, apparatus, third world, cleaning, cholera, boiling, Africa

  • Design Culture Economy


    – fox, illustration, beer, glasses, minimal

Client work

  • Formex Pop-up Shop

    2014 May - 2013 22nd August

    – formex, pop-up, shop, mässan, stockholm, alvsjö, trendstefan, stefan, nilsson, rosa, nordic, design, interior

  • Thomas Mann

    2013 May - 2014 March

    – tum, münchen, connectum, layout, book, thomas, mann

  • ConnecTUM

    2012 November

    – tum, münchen, connectum, layout, flyer, identity


  • Illustration


    – pictures, illustrations, sketches

  • Photography


    – pictures, captures, world, people, nikon, camera

Contact details

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